Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks for all the support that you gave us this week. It seems that my biggest fan is Perez, so thank you for being there for me, partner!
For all the rest of you Turkeys... Happy Thanksgiving! I'll get back to you on Monday if you survive the Holiday...


Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

Happy Thanksgiving Michele ;)

Libby said...

Hey Michele,

Wow, are you giving it to the news media! CBS out, etc.. You go girl!


Anonymous said...


You are such a class act. I think your videos are terrific. I am actually writing in hopes that your gay hair-dresser is single. I think he is sexy. The dog is adorable too. Keep fighting the good fight Michele. Heather is very brave to keep plotting along. I am suprised she is actually still alive. The McCartney "team" is ruthless. The drove poor Linda into the ground.

From Upstate New York

Gorden Ball said...

Dear Mz. Elyzabeth;
Keep up the good work . I have watched the press go crazy for years and it's nice to see people stick together.
I read about what your doing on J.B. landry's (the playwrights) page and was impressed he never comments on things other than his life and work; he had a liink to your page and was right a lot of us had the wrong idea about Mz. Mills.just a note to let you know people are listning.