Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To all those who left comments

Good morning, everyone. It's another beautiful day in Los Angeles.

Thank you for all of your comments. I appreciate hearing both sides of the arguement, however, I don't see the necessity of the profanity used. I have eliminated the comments that were vulgar. If the improper language continues, I will make comments only available to registered users.

Look, Heather has been made into this terrible person that she is not. You do not have to like her, but the minimum is to recognize the work that she has done on the behalf of others. If any one can tell me why they hate her so much and what she did to them that would be another story but none of you can, because she has never done anything to you. Is it simply because she married your idol?


Anonymous said...

It seems that you have removed not only comments with profanity but any negative comments. I for one left a comment yesterday that I thought was pretty unbiased. (I am NOT a fan of The Beatles or Paul McCartney as I am probably to young. The only McCartney song I know is the one he did with Michael Jackson.) When Mills first came to public attention with her marriage0 I admired her courage in the face of her disability and her commitment to helping others. I still admire these things...But I also believe she brought more attention to herself by going on TV looking like a raging lunatic and as noble as your intentions are- I think you are contributing to a backlash. She needs to lay low, focus on her charities and her daughter. If she has evidence that Paul is preventing her from doing this work she needs to show evidence rather then relying on hearsay and innuendo. I wish you all the best.

Ben said...

I actually admire that she is fighting back. Unfortunately shes been portrayed as a gold digger.. it could be because she sues a lot or that she did some racy pictures once apon a time. I think more people should sue the press for printing wrong information but unfortunately she seems to be the only one doing it. And well... she divorced an admired celebrity, people have automatically assumed she is at fault. Shes has every right to be frustrated. But I dont think that doing all the media shows is the best thing. Its made things worse hasn't it?
I just think its time that Paul grew some balls and did something/said something..for the sake of his daughter. Good luck with it all.

Anonymous said...

I think that a lot of people have been pretty rough on Heather, and her divorce from Paul McCartney seems to be the main "issue".

I don't think that she is different than any other woman who might be going through the same type of thing. People really need to lighten up a little bit.

Compared to Britney Spears, or any of the other members of Hollywood who can't seem to keep it all together, I think that Heather is okay.

Ed in LA

Madame Arcati said...

I have put up a post about you - I think you're fantastic and should have your own TV show with David and your lovely Bijou. You are a natural!
Madame Arcati

Anonymous said...


First of all, you must be a good friend to Heather, and I certainly admire that.

I have been following the McCartney-Mills drama since their relationship began. I will provide you my take on the whole thing, so get ready and hear some honesty from a forty something, educated woman who LOVED and grew up with the Beatles!

When I first learned of the budding relationship of Heather and Paul, and then the marriage, I felt one thing, JEALOUSY! I suppose this lead to animosity of Heather because I wished I were walking down the aisle with Paul!

In summation, I feel that there is so much negativity for Heather because of how I felt, Jealousy, and people will probably loathe most women who falls into the arms of Paul, esp. one without much money, aka Heather.

Since watching Heather on the news show, crying and ranting, I am beginning to feel sorry for her. Knowing my personality, some aspects similar to Heather, I know I would FLIP out BIGTIME if any man scorned me. And then to watch "my estranged man" getting down with another woman in a car? The anger would be insurmountable. So the bottom-line, I have taken the time to dig deep in my own soul and could imagine how Heather feels. The public as a whole is NOT doing this.

If I were Heather’s publicist and my goal was to fix a damaged image and in turn, to help her pursue her charitable work, ex. Helping animals (my favorite charity work!), I would have her get the divorce, asap, but without a gag clause (what does Paul fear?????????), and get her to apologize for her behavior (crying and ranting). She must admit how devastated she is with the demise of her marriage and how hurt she is for people blaming and "hating" her. She must admit that in all divorces, it takes two to make or break and that she will take some responsibility for this, but to be vilifiesd by the press, ask people to be placed in her shoes. Put Heather on shows that have sympathetic presenters who will not “eat her up” but she has to rehearse what she will say, this is imperative.

Get her busy with her charitable work, in the UK and definitely in the USA and get the media’s attention. People here in the USA have only heard of her charitable work but not seen her in action. Call the big charities, such as PETA, Greenpeace, etc….

I have come to sympathize with Heather because she is up against an icon and millions of his followers. My thoughts to you, Michele, get a committee of talented, smart, and tough PR people and devise the most spectacular strategies to help this woman to fix her reputation.

Anonymous said...

I'm from the UK living in New York and so I am very familiar with this story.
Paul McCartney was suddenly the most eligible bachelor after he was sadly widowed. Enter Heather - I think the reason most people hate her in the media is that it pisses them off ( I know you hate profanity but maybe you can excuse this one) and I hope Heather gets to read this that she was this NATURAL girl who did her own thing, didn't have family money, didn't have a university education, wasn't interested in hanging in the high circles or being in the best clubs and therefore they saw someone totally UNLIKE them win Paul's heart.
They all suck.
The coverage of Heather is extremely nasty.
I defy anyone to look at the pictures of Paul and Heather and say that these two were not in love. It sadly didn't work out and it is very coincidental that certain stories suddenly "appeared" just after the marraige broke down.
So what if she made mistakes when she was young. So f*in what.
I am absolutely thrilled that Heather has decided to defend herself. She has faced more challenges in her life than ten other people combined. Let us not forget that this poor girl lost a leg but instead of ketting it defeat her - just look at her! Such an inspiration to people that are both disabled and not disabled. However it is even better that she now seems to have people on board that genuinely are rooting for her. I really think it can turn around for her.
the arguments against her are pretty thin at the end of the day. She enjoys her charity work so let her do it.
I feel sorry for her and hope her divorce works out and that she can get on with her life, be a really good mother.

By the way - why don't all the haters listen to the song on Paul's last album - "See your Sunshine" about how he felt about her.

Michele - your video blog was great - I hope you two stick together. I would watch you on TV.

Much better than The View. I am so sick of that show. Its a bad show and who cares what they think. Barbara Walters probably would like Paul herself!!!

David said...

Hello Michele:

I'm glad to learn Heather has someone in her corner who's not afraid to stand up to the mob. It's a shame that people still feel the need to attack and ostracize others. Heather seems like a strong person and with your help she'll weather this unpleasantness.

I'm a fan of Heather's, from her earlier work with land mine and war victims through her recent adventures. I'm also an artist and poet. Is there a way to contact Heather? I'd like to write her personally. If you'd like to respond, my email is

Anonymous said...

Talking about THE VIEW, that show is crap now, since Rosie left. Ro brought honesty, sincerity, and LIFE to the show. Hey Michele, I have a great idea! Get Rosie on Heather's side! Ro will cheer her on and too, Walters dissed Ro quite badly, i.e the stuff trump said that Walter's said to him, which she subsequently denied to the world...hmmmmm Something to think about...