Sunday, December 2, 2007

Steve Myall and The Mail on Sunday

Michele Elyzabeth and David Paul discuss Heather Mills and Michele's recent conversation with Steve Myall from The Mail on Sunday.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Correcting the press on Heather Mills

Michele Elyzabeth dicusses how recent stories about Heather Mills got turned around for headlines.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks for all the support that you gave us this week. It seems that my biggest fan is Perez, so thank you for being there for me, partner!
For all the rest of you Turkeys... Happy Thanksgiving! I'll get back to you on Monday if you survive the Holiday...

A letter from a reader

Hi Michele,

I have also written to Barbara Walters after Joy B. made what was the most insensitive remark regarding Heather's prosthetic leg when Heather was on Dancing with the Stars. Heather was to my family an angel who took it upon herself to meet my granddaughter, Sammy Rotman, several weeks after Sammy's full leg amputation. Sammy and her family were guests of Heather on Dancing with the Stars… a moment Sammy will remember for the rest of her life. Heather has been, and continues to be, a wonderful role model for Sammy, who suffers from cancer and is only 8 years old. Heather was not only gracious, kind and thoughtful, but extremely loving to Sammy and her family. There was no exploitation of any sort… which impressed not only our family, but the entire community where we live.

I never received a reply from Barbara Walters or anyone associated with The View… it didn't surprise me. I only hope that Joy never experiences with anyone she loves what losing a limb is like, and what courage it takes to do all the things Heather has shown the world one can do with a disability. Joy has shown and displayed what a shallow individual she is, and uses that characteristic to try and be funny. Shame on Barbara Walters for continuing to allow these types of comments on the show.

Best regards,
Lois Libenson
Bow, NH

Monday, November 19, 2007


November 19, 2007


I have been reading all morning to find out what else the Press could come up with.
Let me start by saying that my company did put together the gift bags for the Adopt-A-Minefield gala 2 years in a row. I am the one who asked for Stella McCartney' s fragrance to be included in our bags and not Heather. We did not ask Stella personally, but her company. This happened 4 years ago. I hope this is clear now.

As far as Frank Skinner is concerned, that's an idea. Maybe he can send us some more info on the device... I hope for his own sake that he never has to deal with such a tragedy. One should never make fun of people with disabilities. Maybe some day the stump cam that he is suggesting Heather wear, will be worn by him. Who knows what life has in store for us?

I read a lot of ugly comments from lots of people. Obviously, they are not very happy people. If you don't like what I do, fine, I respect that. Stop visiting my blog and that's, that...

Last week I cooperated with The Daily Mail, a tabloid newspaper, which by the way kept on begging me to speak to them, but, because my story was not trashy enough, Sharon Churcher changed and twisted words so that she could come up with a sensational Headline.

For example, Sharin Churcher from the Daily Mail writes: In a Bizarre statement issued through her new, "worldwide spokesperson" an American Champagne saleswoman (meaning me) complains that Heather has to pay almost full price for clothes at her step-daughter's Mayfair Store. LIES, I did not even know that Stella had a Mayfair store! I was asked if they ever were close friends, to which I answered; "Heather was always trying to promote Stella's clothing store. She told me in passing that she even had a discount of 30%. I was shocked that she did not get the clothes for free. I, personally, would never charge any direct or indirect member of my family for goods. If someone gives you a small discount, I would not call that being "close friends", especially when you know what goes on in the industry with the amount of clothes given free to Celebrities and Journalists. This was my personal opinion.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Michele Elyzabeth and the British Press

Michele Elyzabeth and David Paul talk about the British Press and Heather Mills with Los Angeles radio personality Lisa Stanley (K Earth 101).

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanks to the American Press

Finally, American reporters are saying it the way it is. Thank you, Marianne Garvey who has done pieces yesterday and today in the NY Post. Thank you for not being afraid to tell the story the way it is. The only correction I need to make is to clarify that it was me (not Heather) who asked Stella McCartney for donations for the Adopt-A-Minefield gift bags.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To all those who left comments

Good morning, everyone. It's another beautiful day in Los Angeles.

Thank you for all of your comments. I appreciate hearing both sides of the arguement, however, I don't see the necessity of the profanity used. I have eliminated the comments that were vulgar. If the improper language continues, I will make comments only available to registered users.

Look, Heather has been made into this terrible person that she is not. You do not have to like her, but the minimum is to recognize the work that she has done on the behalf of others. If any one can tell me why they hate her so much and what she did to them that would be another story but none of you can, because she has never done anything to you. Is it simply because she married your idol?

Sunday, November 11, 2007