Monday, June 22, 2009


This is worth coming out of retirement for. I could not have heard better news this morning on my way to work. Here I was driving to work on Monday morning, when I hear Ryan Seacrest on KIIS Radio asking Perez Hilton what happened to him in Canada over the week end.

I immediately signed on to WILL-I-AM's page to post my comments to him:

Finally, he received an ass whooping. This was the best news I've heard. This would be a good day.
It's about time that you got what's coming to you. Karma, my dear, Karma! Perez, you are the worst insect walking on this planet. You hate like a tough guy, but when it comes down to it, you cry like a sissy... You have a vile mouth, which hurts people on a daily basis. You have no heart, no humanity, no decency and no intelligence.... You should listen to your own words in your video and see how stupid you look. You are worth crap, that is why the cops did not care about your fat self. You have the nerve to call Fergie fugly? Did you look at yourself in the mirror? A pig looks better than you. You are pitiful. This time you had your ass kicked, but not really as hard as it should have been. We can't even tell, you don't look black and blue.... You are such a drama Queen.... Let it be a lesson that when you call a real man a fag, you take your chances. This time you were lucky. Next time it may not be someone famous and they will kick your ass big time. Contrary to what you may think, you deserved it. I was hysterical watching you. My only regret is that I was not there to fully appreciate it. I have been one that you hurt without shame. You are the coward. Whomever did it, did us a favor.

How does it feel to be hated by so many people? You have a very high opinion of yourself , but in fact you are just a low life....

All the Best with Love from France.